Red Red Blue Green Blue Yellow

by good2begone

iPhone apps, social media and technology in general are creating the laziest generation in the history of the world.

Ok…hold on…

Before I cause an uprising and force people to actually get up out of their recliners, put down their Cheeto stained handheld wifi devices and yell in disgust-

“Damn you good2begone!! We are not lazy it is called technologically dependent….there’s a difference you know!!”

Please read this article portion from NBC News and Keith Wagstaff-

Heyday app is the anti-Facebook for the iPhone

These days, people can’t eat a meal or pet a cat without sharing it on the Internet. But what if people want to relive their digital lives in private?
That is where a new iOS app called Heyday comes in. It combs through your past photos and automatically logs your location data to create a personalized journal — all for your eyes only.
It’s kind of like Facebook Timeline, except that everything is private by default. Heyday co-founder and CEO Siqi Chen told NBC News that he was inspired after talking to users of both Facebook and Foursquare, a social media app that lets you share your location with people you know.
“About half of the Foursquare users we talked to had accounts with no friends,” he said. “And with Facebook , users were tired of people over-sharing with things like baby and vacation photos. There weren’t that many products that helped people remember their lives for themselves.


Did you read what I read when I was reading what he wrote?

Let me write it again…this time with bold letters-

There weren’t that many products that helped people remember their lives for themselves.

There is something that helps people remember their lives for themselves….


And it is gathering dust along with the other great memory devices of our time….



And the picture frame


Remember those?

If not….don’t get your search engine in a tizzy….there is probably an app for it.