by good2begone

After being guaranteed by my wife that we had everything we needed for dinner at her parents house, I find myself in the midst of a typical Thanksgiving tradition…..

Heading back out multiple times to retrieve what was forgotten.

I headed back home to pick up a few items and then ingeniously waited for my wife to call before I headed back……call it husbands intuition.

“Have you left the house yet?” She inquires,

“No…I’ve been waiting for you to call.”

“Smart ass…can you grab the flour please.”

And just as I pulled up into her parents driveway and looked forward to being a slouch on the couch until eating time…..

It was back into the car to head to the grocery store.

I’m gonna change the name of the holiday to


In honor of the phrase I have heard over and over…

“Thanks for going back out and getting blah blah blah”

I do what is asked with a smile because a smooth trouble free holiday just wouldn’t be our style.

I hope everyone gets their fill on this day of family and gratitude.

I know I am thankful for my extended family, near and far.

If holiday frustrations and family bickering are hampering your graciousness, listen to this and I am sure it will be all better….

November Blues

Lyrics included for your reading pleasure!!

Peace and blessings

It’s good2begone.