The Shoe In

by good2begone

Back during my drinking days, friends and I used to play a game called-

“Have you even been so drunk you….”

The object of the game was to complete the sentence with a truth that was either gross or hilarious.


“Have you been so drunk you thought the closet was your bathroom and you pissed all over your shoes that were on the floor.”


“Have you ever been so drunk you woke up on an airplane and everyone else spoke Spanish?”

You get the picture.

The whole point of mentioning that idiotic game was to get to this news story I read today. The author is Rob Dicker. He writes for the Huffington Post.

Just picture the scene in your head as you read. You will thank me for it.

A couple having sex in a Georgia Waffle House parking lot was busted on Sunday, according to police. But that isn’t even the weird part.

Loganville authorities said the woman was so drunk that she tried to put a cheeseburger on her foot as if it were a sandal.

First off….I have never been that drunk. But that isn’t even the weird part.

Who goes to a Waffle House and orders a cheeseburger?