The Security Questions

by good2begone

Internet transactions are supposed to be simple.

It’s the year 2000 whatever, and buying and selling from the comfort of your own home has become a daily routine.

At least it used to be.

Yesterday, I bought an iTunes card in the amount of $20.

The usual process involves-

Taking off the sticker to reveal the 900 character redeem number on the back of the card.

Using redeem number to redeem the dollar amount on the card for music and/or services provided by the juggernaut that is Apple iTunes.

Music chosen is then downloaded to device.

Then…and only then can bad singing and terrible dancing to said purchase may commence.

I have repeated this ritual many times over my 5 year commitment with the Apple brand.

Until yesterday that is.

After redeeming the 900 character number and the amount was transferred to our account, a problem ensued.

For “security reasons” I was asked to answer a couple of questions to confirm my identity.

Questions that I gather, my wife and I answered over 5 years ago and have


been asked since.

Unless said questions were answered… music would be downloaded.

Question 1-

Who was your favorite teacher?

Keep in mind, I am well into my 40’s and haven’t been in school for over 25 years.

My obvious answer.

Jose Cuervo.

Question 2-

What wee you doing on January 1, 2000?

That was many years ago as well.

My answer-

Recovering from the Y2K(egger).

Much to my utter Isurprise both were incorrect.

No problem.

A prompt stated I could link to Isupport to change the security questions after logging in again.

In order to change the security questions I had to answer 2 more….

Security questions.


What was the middle name of the child who sat to your left in Math class during 3rd grade?

Question 2-

What did you almost name the family pet in August 1975?

I was stupefied.

I have paid my due. All I want is the music I intended on purchasing.

In order to do that, I need to revert back to prehistoric times and use the one invention….that no matter how advanced our civilization has become…..will never ever be replaced.

The telephone.

Well played Alexander a Graham Bell….well played.