Steel Upon

by good2begone

Breaching the shadows
Seconds in the light

The predator looms
In the covert of night

Hear the fallen branch break
By footfall mistake

The beware of dog barks
For Trespassers sake

Vehicle on the approach
Oak tree covers his hide

Headlights fade down block
Exhale…..luck on his side

Creep beside the hedge
And up to the door

Lock pick in hand
Click…hammered no more

Slip into the house
Onto the foyer tile

Click on pocket LED
Searchlight for stockpile

Wallet filled green
On entryway chest

Keys pegged on a hook
He thinks, “surely you jest”

He pockets the leather
Slips keys into hand

Easiest job ever
The take…multiple grand

He turned around quietly
To leave the way he came

Faced with a double barrel
Cocked, loaded, torso aim

The homeowner was armed
Female and trained

Bullseye accurate and calm
Protector of property engrained

Intruder went down cold
In the blink of an eye

No trial, no charges
Not a single foul cry