Hitting The Links

by good2begone

The files in my brain…

My life is character driven.

Some drive me to prosperity.

Others drive me up the wall.

Regardless of their driving ability, each serves a purpose.

The characters, in the stories I write and publish on this blog, also drive me.

They find a way into my head and knock on my cranium until I let then out.

They are released through words.

I write stories, in much of the way I view life.

To me, life is not anything, as seen on TV or motion picture.

Neeko and Trotter

Sometimes the bad guy gives up.

Karma With Wheels

Sometimes the good guy falls short.

“The Legend Of Just Dave”- I created a page for this one.

Sometimes people need help.

The Cruise-A-Fix

Occasionally…..there is no clear definition of good and bad….it just is.

Clarity In The Wind

And sometimes the proverbial crap hits the fan because there are crazy people in the world.

Help Wanted

Once in a while, the mind triggers memories that need to be dealt with to find peace.

Toopid Moose

I’m just a character, who happens to share mental space with numerous other characters, that when looked at as a whole, instead of individual parts, make of the