The Lost And Found (Part 1)

by good2begone

It had been over 20 years since he had seen the old man. He would have not gone back at all, if it had not been for the promise he made Shaun while he was on his deathbed.

He heard Shaun’s voice in his head as he stood outside the nursing home…

“Just promise me you will make things right, Julian….you are the last one.”

Julian held Shaun’s hand in his, looked down at the ground and sighed. Then, he looked into his eyes and answered.

“I promise, Shaun. Don’t worry…it will all be over soon.”

Julian stayed by his side until his final moments. Made arrangements for his burial and final resting place.

2 days after the funeral, he stood in front of the nursing home….ready to make things right.

He walked in the front door and up to the front desk. He told the receptionist he was here to take his Father home.

He placed a Manila folder in front of her and spoke, dryly but clearly,

“I am sure that my lawyer has already cleared everything with you all, but I brought copies just in case something was lost in transit.”

The head nurse took the folder and replied,

“Yes, Mr. Talbot, everything is taken care of…..he is quite a handful you know. I hope you are equipped to deal with a man in his condition.”

“I’m well equipped. Thank you for your concern. I am the last surviving son, it was the wish of my brothers that I take care of him.” Julian replied.

“Ok….just so you know…his Alzheimer’s has gotten pretty bad but he does have lucid memories from time to time. He has rarely talked about any….sons….”

Julian’s eyes stared through the nurse. His upper lip twitched before he replied,

“Yeah, well…once we got too old for his uses…he rarely even spoke to us…”

There was an uncomfortable silence shared between the two. It was broken by the sound of approaching footsteps.

“Here he is…it is company policy that we escort or clients out and into their vehicles when they leave…where did you park?”

Julian let go of a sly smile,

“It’s right out front. You can’t miss it.”

Julian followed the nurse as she pushed the Father, in his wheelchair, out the front door and to his waiting vehicle.

The dark black stretch limousine sat outside at the end of the sidewalk.

As Julian and his party approached, the driver exited the front seat from behind the wheel and opened the back door to allow Julian and the Father to enter.

The driver helped Father Talbot out of his chair and into the comfortable back seat and carefully shut the door.

He then followed Julian around to the other side and opened the door for him. Julian got in with a nod to his driver.

The driver walked back around to the other side of the car, tipped his hat to the nurse and got back behind the wheel without ever saying a word.

He started the limo and drove off carefully and slowly.


End Part 1

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