Hooked On iPhon(e)ics

by good2begone

I have a smart phone.

It is the first fruit of smart phones.

It keeps the doctor away with the ability to “Google” my medical issues. No matter what I “Google” it tells me I have a possible rare disease.

It has a voice that will talk to me….I have never heard it. I rarely talk to real people….I have no desire to talk the rectangle in my palm.

It has the ability to acquire mind numbing and supposedly addicting games and apps. I have been addicted to enough things in my life. I’m not interested in crushing candy or pretending I am an Avenger for hours on end.

It has a compass…….but also has a GPS system.


I guess if I ever run into Christopher Columbus, that compass will come in handy.

It does have the ability to store and play my extensive music collection.

Now that’s smart.

I got tired of carrying around that suitcase full of cassettes and my Walkman….and my phone all at the same time.

3 items….2 hands…

You do the math.

Go ahead. I could…my smartphone has a calculator also.

I just updated my smartphone to the most recent software.

Everyone I know, who has the first fruit of smartphones, is all abuzz like fruit flies about it.

Here is my take on it…..

When I was a kid I was into Legos.

I had them all.

For Christmas one year, they announced (like in March), that the Star Wars set was coming out at the end of the year.

I literally freaked out until they came out.

After a couple of days of playing around with them and building what was to be built. I came to a realization…..

All the glitter….all the fancy stuff….all the colors…


They were just Legos.

That’s how I feel about my update.

It’s still just a phone.

I have a buddy who bought the NEW
version of the first fruit of smartphones.

It has….wait for it….


Which is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

Most smart fruit users have the same affliction. Their fruit is never out of the possessions must less their sight.

That option is basically for bragging.

“You wanna check out my fruit? It’s the latest in technology. It has everything. Here check it out.”

“Ohh…you can’t get it to work….you want to know why? Because it can only be accessed by my fingerprint…not yours….JUST MINE!!


I did create this post from my version of the first fruit of smartphones.

As a matter of fact, 97.4% of my posts are created from here.

The other 2.6% were created from something called a laptop.


Laptop isn’t that some kind of vegetable?