News Bites-Weekday Update Edition

by good2begone

Two things I learned from the morning news show in my small town that occasionally reports random stories from around the country…..


The state of California has made


a misdemeanor crime.

Revenge porn was defined by them as being-

One who posts nude pictures or video on the internet of their ex lover, marital partner, or significant other for the purpose of embarrassment by using signify able marks or traits of said ex in said photos or video that were taken by said scorned other party.


Is California not the place where most of the reality TV stars reside and have made it big by being outed by sex tapes that were “unknown”to them?

I will just sit back and wait for

“Real Housewives of Revenge Porn”

to air on Netflix.

Keep it classy, California.


Famed rock n roll guitar god,


is suing the contractors that remodeled his home for 1 MILLION DOLLARS….plus interest.

Apparently, shoddy work, a leaky roof and issues with his in home elevator shaft is the cause….

Wait…elevator shaft????


I guess that’s the way to do it…play your guitar on the Mtv…

Mr. Van Halen has a habit of firing and suing people.

He has fired 3 lead singers in his band over their illustrious up and down career.

Settling finally with the original lead singer years later.

He has experience with giving the shaft.

No wonder his elevator has problems…..

Karma always find its way to carva it’s way back in when everyone else is put on the firing lines.

The moral of these 2 stories is simple-

When making love in an elevator always make sure there are no bugs in the shaft.

That’s the news.

I’m good2begone….and you’re not.