The Idiot Box

I have spent the last 3 + hours re confirming to myself why I don’t and haven’t watched tv in close to 5 years.


When the no tv thing started, it was a matter of finances more than anything else.

Money was tight and changes had to be made.

The first change was getting rid of satellite TV.

The kids were not happy….at all.

But over time, we all just got used to not having the box on and moved forward with our lives without scheduling it around various shows.

The following Christmas, we got a new flat screen, a Wii game system and got an account for Netflix.


And that has been our version of TV ever since.

It still is not the center of entertainment in the house, but the kids have found various shows they like to watch.

Currently, my teenage daughter is engulfed in the show,

“Pretty Little Liars”

It is basically….how do I put it nicely….


That’s about as nicely as I can put it.

It has characters with names like

Blah, blah,blah

Ohhh the long haired bad boy is named


He’s so dark and mysterious.

They live in a town called Rosewood.

I’m pretty sure the zip code is 90210.

They are all rich and cool and Hollywood good looking and have “real life problems” like

-one girl is sleeping with her teacher….but she is finding out that he may be married to someone in Italy….and he is dating one of her friends Mom.

-one girl was supposedly murdered and her friend is being framed my someone who sends the girls letters under the moniker


-there is a blind girl who wears a flash drive around her neck that is also a jeweled owl. She uses a cane.

I’m pretty sure she isn’t blind…..and that the flash drive is a phaser…..and the cane is really a light saber….and she’s not blind….just misunderstood.

Like I said real life problems that happen ever day.

She is on episode 22.

I came in about 18 1/3 and am trying to catch up.

My stepdaughter on the other hand wants me to just leave.

I told her I pay the bills…so I can stay and do what I want.

Sorry, I gotta go…..

Caleb is about to leave town on a bus and Hanna is deciding if she should stop him..

I hope he stays….the show don’t be the same without him!!!


11 thoughts on “The Idiot Box

  1. They still haven’t outed who ‘a’ is? Talk about a drawn out storyline. This was one of the few shows I watched on my phone after my tv went out. Now I don’t miss it…except for football, American football, hockey and lacrosse.

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