Never The 5 (Motion Shift 4)

This is a continuation of the story of “Just Dave”. To read the previous installments, please use the search key and type in-

“Motion Shift”

Step, 464, 463, 462, 461, 460….

Step 1, 2, 3, 4, step, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…

449, 448…..

As Just Dave counted the reverse steps back to his apartment, all except for the 5’s…never…ever the 5’s, his mind wandered to his not so distant past.

On May 5, 2005, he experienced the bottom.

His plan of closing the divide between the world of the living and the prism of the blurs began years earlier.

He had been told during his first institutionalization. that the use of narcotics gave the blurs a tunnel into the mind to steal ones energy, therefore he abstained from drug use…prescribed or not.


In his attempt to gain information and data on the complexities and variances of the blurred dimension, he dismissed that warning and began to experiment in his mid to late teens.

It started out safe enough. A little booze, a few joints….

(324, 323, 322, 321…..)

The ingestion lowered his mental guards.

He even smiled every now and then.

The locks that protected his mind and kept him on guard were left unattended.

A part of his brain that was dormant became alive and craved the openness that the chemicals provided.

It NEEDED more.

Soon, the safety of booze and weed were abandoned for riskier and more potent substances.

Days high, turned to years.

His initial plan of closing the divide, went awry.

He became a man with a extreme mental divide. Chasing shadows.

(249, 248, 247….)

He could no longer distinguish between here and there.

His entire reality became….

A blur.

His use, misuse, and abuse came to a head on 5-5-05.

Following secret messages his mind saw written on concrete walls, he was led to a couple (that only he could see), sitting on a park bench.

They beckoned him over and spoke to him.

“We have been waiting for you, Just Dave….if you agree to come with us, we will lead you to the answers you so desperately seek.”

All Just Dave could do was nod.

And follow.

(111, 110, 109, 108….)

He was led up a flight of stairs and into an open door. Some sort of party was going on.

He glanced at the symbol on the center of the door. One large number was nailed there.


He followed them in and watched them take a seat on the sofa. They smiled giddily and wide at him.

He took a second to glance around the room and then back at the sofa.

Only a few seconds had passed.

The couple had disappeared.


He heard their voices in his head-

“The tools you need to close the divide are here… them. Find them. Take them.”

He wandered the inside of number 5, randomly picking up shiny items and placing them in his pockets.

When he felt satisfied, he turned to leave, and came face to face with a few large men.

Apparently, they did not appreciate his stealing from them. After beating him with many times with many closed 5 finger fists, the cops were called and Just Dave was arrested and charged with felony theft and drug charges.

After a few months in jail, Just Dave was released, placed on probation for a period of 5 years, and ordered to obtain residency at the state operated and maintained mental health apartment complex, which was located one block from the mental hospital.

As long as he stayed clean, sober and other peoples stuff free, he could live there as long as he wanted.

(3, 2, 1)

Those provisions of his freedom started almost 7 years ago.

He took the door key out of his pocket with his right hand and placed it into the lock.

He twisted the handle to the right, opened the door to his apartment and crossed the threshold.

He then closed the door behind him and engaged the lock and left his past outside.

He left the “mistakes” of his past outside.

Inside was where his present and future unfolded.

Inside, was his sanctuary.

The information and data gathered over the years was all inside.

So was the prism in the glass box.



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