I quit looking at my blog stats about a month ago. Before that, I was quite obsessive about them.

I often check my notifications.

Mainly because, when I slide the screen on my iPhone it bugs me to see numbers hovering above the apps.

-app updates

It drives me insane.

Random numbers that seem to say

“Check me out, coolio….I will just multiply if you don’t…..COME ON CHECK ME OUT!!!”

So I do.

No hovering numbers means all is right in mobileland.

Today I received a notification on my WordPress mobile app dealio.

The likes if which I had never seen before……

I thought to myself-

“Hey self….did someone hack my account and post something worth reading?”

The bottom one said I was averaging 54 views and hour.

Shortly after the top one came in and said I was averaging 150 views an hour.

Gotta be a glitch in the system……


After almost losing my job and my marriage and everything else worthwhile in life, I figured out where the


originated from.

Most of the views came from this post.

During this tools tutorial one of my posts was used as an example.

Hitting the (example here) link from that post directed bloggers to a post on my site.

A post that, incidentally, featured the blog posting tool they were featuring.

No…seriously….that’s what happened.

The post featured, is one I wrote in May of this year.

It has always been one of my favorites.

As of last check it has been viewed


Thanks WordPress for using my story as an “example here”.


A big thanks to the 560 + bloggers who viewed my humble space of words.

It’s good2begone.

Shine on


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