Motion Shift 3, The Receiver

by good2begone

Just Dave sits on the curb across the street from the big blue box that holds the statement he wrote to his parents. He know the oddly shaped cubed vehicle will be by to empty it’s contents and take them to the evaluation station. There the keepers of the information will decide if his memorandum should be sent as is or returned for disinformation purposes.

He made quite sure that the letter would be sent, as is, by using pen and paper that were blessed with holy water and by wearing powder less latex gloves while he wrote it.

He left off the symbols and hieroglyphs that ward off the blur sensors in hopes it would pass through the aura dome without setting off any sensors.

He sat and waited. Eyes darting back and forth checking both sides of the street for the cube with wheels.

Just Dave and the suitcase that never left his side.

The phone was not used for calls. The mobile mechanisms underneath the receiver were replaced by an AM transistor radio. The radio was not set to any station because that was how the keepers tracked the movements of the citizens. Instead it was set to the white noise in between the stations. Not only did the noise calm him but it kept the blurs from stealing his energy.

In precise 10 minute intervals he would open the case and press in the required code to turn on
the receiver.


He would place the phone receiver to his left ear, always his left ear, and listen for the noise.

If by chance a station would come in, he would reverse the code,


open the box, and dial in pure white noise.

Always two 6’s….never, ever a 5.

He would listen for precisely 33 seconds then hang up the receiver and close the box.

This ritual continued for :40 minutes.

As the cube with wheels pulled up and man in blue shorts got out to empty the contents of the big blue box, Just Dave stood up from the curb, took 2 steps back onto the sidewalk, clenched his fists and held his breathe.

After the man in blue shorts completed his task and returned to his cube to continue on his journey, Just Dave relaxed his fists and let out his breathe. He reached down and picked up the suitcase with his left hand, always his left hand, made a 45 degree turn and began to count and walk the 471 paces back to his apartment where he planned to continue his work.

His current task at hand….

Attempting to close the divide between the world of the living and the prism of the blurs.

471, 470, 469, 468, 467, 466……..

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