Motion Shift 2, The Letter

by good2begone

This is part 2 to Motion Shift, for part 1


It has been 18 years since the Jansen’s have seen their son, Michael.

The last they saw of him, was 2 days after his release from the mental hospital at age 12.

They were good parents who had no where else to turn. Their once bright and loving child changed seemingly overnight, and became someone they didn’t even recognize.

For one, he insisted his name was Dave…just Dave.

When they would call for him, he would throw a fit and say,


From there he began to say he saw things…the dead in spirit form, that stole energy from the living.

He would sit in the park and watch people….for hours. He wouldn’t speak…he wouldn’t eat.

He would watch….just watch.

Until he saw someone twitch or swat at a flying insect.

He would then rush over to them and assault them by trying to shake them by the shoulders and say-


The Jansen’s were not well off, but they were not poor either. Just a working class family trying to get by.

In order to avoid charges from the assaulted, they agreed to have him psychologically evaluated at the state run mental health hospital and have him committed for 90 days.

He ran away shortly after his release.

Their 12 year old boy. No money, no identification, no idea what the world was like.

It has been 18 years since then. The Jansen’s never gave up hope.

Their hope was answered by a knock at the door.

The mailman handed them a certified letter addressed to them.

The sender info was in the top left corner. It read-

Dave….just Dave.

They closed the door and returned to the sofa.

They looked at each other with concerned eyes.

Before opening the letter, Mr. Jansen took his wife’s hands in his and said,

“Whatever is that is in this letter….just know that we know he is not dead. I love you.”

The wife wiped tears from her eyes, took a deep breathe, exhaled and opened the letter.

The letter was written in meticulous cursive writing-

Dear Parental Figures,

The calendar has changed many times since I last saw you in person, but know that I have seen you many times. I am far from sight but not far enough away to where I can not watch over you. I have kept you safe from the motion blurs. It has taken me years to learn their purpose. It was through this learning that I am able to use them to watch your progression in life without me.

I am a marked man. The keepers of the blur are continually after me. I came to this realization after many encounters with the state run mental providers. They work for the blurs. They try to keep me from learning their ways.

This world is bugged.

Clouds of vapor are sent through the vents of those places to read my mind. They have radio antenna threaded into the bed sheets to listen to me dream.

This world is not real.

I have tried to return to the place that was once home. Each time I am stopped by the aura dome that surrounds the block.

I continue to circle the perimeter in wide expanses.

It has taken me far and earned me many labels.

The people of this world call me-


I long for a place where I can be Dave.

Just Dave.

This letter was scanned and void of all measures of tracking.

Mrs. Jansen looked at her husband and broke out into tears.

Mr. Jansen just held her and rocked her and tears of his own ran down his cheek.