The Audacity

I never thought I would ever use that particular “a” word. And yet I just did. It is the only word that fits the story I am about to tell….

My current job site is at a church. We are remodeling it to make it modern.

In the process, it is out with the old (testament) and into the new (King James) version of church type places.

I’m not a churchy guy so that’s my story.


While we were busy tearing out walls, one of the secretaries of the church called me over to talk to a lady.

Here is what the lady said,

“I was wondering if I could have that old water heater in back. My daughter has a baby that needs food and our paperwork for food stamps hasn’t been processed yet.”

I must be hard to ask for help like that. I’m pretty stubborn and don’t know if I could or not.

I told her to let me talk to my boss and if he was ok with it, if so, no problem.

He was more than willing to help and even threw in some old metal vents.

The idea is turn the metal into a scrap yard for cash and


The baby gets fed.

We asked her if she had a truck to take it in. She said yes. We asked her to pull it around back and we would happily load it for her.

Here is where the “a” word comes into play.

She pulls around back with her daughter, who has a freshly inked neck tattoo, by the way, in a 2014 Dodge 1500 extended cab pick up.
Both are on their iPhones in one hand and a cigarette in the other, upon exiting the vehicle.

No wonder the “baby” doesn’t have any food.

Maybe if they didn’t have the chrome bling rims they could beg in front kids r us.


It gets better.

They went on their way and I went back to work.

About an hour later, I had to make a trip to the landfill to empty the construction stuff out of my truck.

I decided to stop to grab a tasty Dr. Pepper to quench my thirst.

Guess what vehicle I saw in the convenience store parking lot……

The same Dodge that trolled us for food for baby.

I go inside and there they are at the register buying a 12 pack of Bud Light and smokes.

I walked up behind them and asked,

“Your baby on some new alcohol and nicotine diet?”


“Just stop. People like you give the needy a bad name. Freaking losers.”

There guy friend that tagged along got in my face and tried to interject.

“Don’t talk to them that…”

I cut him off,

“Like what….like the scum they are..I suppose your the one who sent your Mom and chickie here to find a way to feed YOUR habit. Just shut it and go get high before I call the cops and breakup your little scam for good.”

Not surprisingly the “c” word made him back down and move along.

Apparently, you can put Baby in the corner.



8 thoughts on “The Audacity

  1. OH man! That sucks! Here in the city they always remind us not give money to the “homeless” but rather to the organizations that help the homeless – and this is precisely why! So glad you said something! You go!

  2. Good on you…love this…and hate this. I hate this because in my own alcoholism I did a lot of shitty things too, and this reminds me of those selfish days. I would have done that and more, my friend. Ugh. It sometimes hurts to think of the things I did and thought of doing – abandoning my kid in the car to get booze, leaving him at home as he naps alone so that I can score vodka, etc. Anyway, not to buzz kill your victory there 🙂 I think what you did was great. A wake up call, perhaps? Or not.

    Keep it up!


    • Thanks, Paul. I was no angel during my drinking career, and did some awful things as well. I think what got to most, wasn’t the act, but involving the church. As you know, I am not a religious guy. I’m just someone searching for now. But involving the good people at the church really got to me.

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