Motion Shift

by good2begone

Reality is the state or quality of having existence or substance.

I live in reality.

My sight shows me what lies behind the walls of reality.

What lies behind it, is a dimension of lost souls. Ones not ready to move on.

They fight the warmth of moving on,

To try to hold on,

To what can never be again.

At least that’s my belief.

It’s not like it is in books and movies, where they reach out to the living to solve the wrongdoings of their death.

They don’t push pennies up the wall to prove they exist.

They don’t haunt or say BOO.

They don’t have conversations about good and evil with “psychics” or anyone else for that matter.

They move in and out of our reality to steal energy to keep their “reality” in existence.

I’m Dave……just Dave.

I can see them.

It started when I was about 12. I was in the backyard playing with my soccer ball when I felt a cold chill up my back.

I shivered and turned…..and that was the first time I saw one.

It was just a blur.

A blur of motion in the stillness of reality.


That is the best way I can describe it.

And then it was gone.

I didn’t tell anyone. Who would believe me? I was already labeled as a freak and a weirdo by my so called peers. Why make it worse?

So I just waited and watched for breaks in the stillness.

The more I saw, the less I could determine what was real and what was not.

I told my parents….who were looking for a reason to get rid of me….I gave them one and was promptly committed to a mental hospital for evaluation.

I was kept awake for the first 36 hours I was there.




I kept quiet about what I saw until my mind gave in. Sleep deprivation does that to a kid.

I blurted out what my truth was.

Then by chance, I witnessed a motion shift from behind the Doctor. He shrugged off a sudden chill and kept writing. I told him what just happened and he ordered me a 90 day stay at his facility and a steady dose of Thorazine for my mental incapacities.

Strange thing about Thorazine….it slows the mind and everything else for that matter, but it allowed my sight to be clearer.

The blurs became clearer.

The blurs took shape.

Transparency becoming solid.

That scared me.

The man strapped to the chair with the helmet on, saw my fear and called me over to him.

“You can see them, can’t you…” He said.

“Y-y-yea…but I don’t want to anymore.” I replied.

“The drugs bring them out. It’s easier for them to take what they need when our brains are muddled….I will show you how to fake taking your pills. It will keep them at bay.”

I listened to him and followed his plan.

I was released after my 90 days and then I ran away from the only reality of home that I knew.

In search of finding a balance between the blur and the real.