Bond…Step Kids Bond

Building relationships with step kids is difficult. When my wife and I married, the kids were 9 (girl) and 11 (boy).

They are now about to be 15 and 17.

I am still building.

Today must have been my lucky day. I had the opportunity to spend individual time with both of them today….

Sans the Momma.

Just me and them. It was quite the adventure.

First up was my step son.

I picked up a job for Saturday fixing a porch and needed some help. You know…man stuff. Start time 8 am

A little destruction and then construction.

And to his advantage I told him I would pay him. Teenage boys like cash.

Not so much the work for it part but the cash was the bait.

He took the bait and for the next 4 hours I struggled to reel him in.

I kept my wife informed, through text messaging on the progress….


Next up my step daughter.

Mom went to a meeting. Step son went off to his job.

She asked me to pick out a movie for her to watch on Netflix.

I thought to myself….

“Self….she is about to be 15 and is in high school. What would she enjoy and what could I bear to sit through at the same time? That is quite the conundrum, self.”

I ruled out Army Of Darkness.

I ruled out Corvette Summer and Eat My Dust.

All classics but not for 15 year old girls.

Then it hit me….

I get to relive my infatuation with Molly Ringwald, and she gets ’80’s high school teen drama.

It was a win win.

Here are the observations and questions asked during the viewing-

1- OMG Is that the lady from “The Secret Life Of An American Teenager”?

2- OMG Is that the guy from “2 and a 1/2 Men”?

3- Did you dress and have hair like that back then?

My replies were as follows-

1- Yes that’s the lady from the “Everybody gets pregnant show”

2- Yes, that was before he was even 1/2 a man.

3- Who me? No I would have never dressed or had hair like that.


Sometimes bonding with the kids brings back horrible flashbacks.

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