The Shoe In

by good2begone

Pretzels have consequences.

I should have known, but living in oblivion had made me oblivious to the obvious.

Asking my wife to fetch me twisted goodness after finishing her workout, while I kept the couch warm was my undoing.

Here is how the conversation went…


“When are you going to start preparing for that 5k your company is sponsoring?”


“Meh..I’m in tip top shape, dear. Preparation is for the unprepared. I’m basically a machine. All I gotta do is flick the switch on, and it will be go time.”


“I think your machine is full of crap and needs a tuneup. What’s it gonna take to get you motivated?”


“Look..dear….I don’t have running shoes. I have Chuck Taylor’s. And although they are rather stylish and tre chic they are not for running. With the kids back in school money is tight and…”

She put up her hand and said


Then reached into her purse and pulled out a wad of cash, flipped through the bills and tossed me a couple. She smiled and said,

“Take that and get you some running shoes…and while you are at it, pick up a pair of running shorts so I can watch you as you jog by me.”

She then smiled a sly smile, gave me a wink, and sauntered out of the room.

I looked at the cash and replayed her statement in my head and thought

“My wife is my fitness pimp. I feel so cheap.”

On the plus side, I got some sweet kicks.


Puma Whirlwinds

’80’s style.

Time to flick the switch.


1st run in about 7 years…..completed without the aid of police sirens behind me.

It’s gotta be da shoes….