The heat is finally getting to me. Today, at work, I forgot my age.

Let me explain….

My boss and I were working and some kids came by, trying to sell crap that kids in school sell for trips and…crap.

He’s a sucker…and likes to help out where he can so he bought whatever it was that they were selling.

I looked at him said,

“Ha Ha sucker. We aren’t even from this town. What are buying stuff from high school kids for?”

He replied,

“They weren’t in high school. They are in college and are taking donations for the homeless shelter, so I gave them a few bucks.”

I retorted,

“College? They didn’t look a day over 14….”

I’m tired of using words other than “said” so I am just switching to him and me…


“You are just getting old and can’t determine age anymore..how old are you anyway….42? 43?”


“…….I can’t remember….hold on.”
And I took out my phone.


“Are you looking up your birthday? You are older than I thought…”


“No, smartass. I’m using the calculator to figure out how old I am…”

I paused and looked at him straight faced…or dumbfounded…pretty much the same thing and asked

“What year are we in?”

He shook his head and walked away.

This made me realize….

It’s not the heat.



8 thoughts on “Buffering…..

  1. As soon as I read this post, I giggled about the calculator. It reminded me much of a part of my New Years resolution post entitled Resolutions Schmesolutions http://wp.me/p1X7Oe-8T. I can totally relate. And if remembering to wear pants is problematic, perhaps you should consider joining the No Pants Subway Ride a la Improv Everywhere this coming January in a city near you. You’d blend right in.

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