A Call To Arms

by good2begone

Daily prompt- Viral

A country overtaken
By corruption and sin
It’s a game we all play
Although no chance for a win

A call to arms is needed
It has to take place
If any hope is to be had
To preserve the human race

Put down the guns and knives
Along with the sticks and stones
A bow must be the weapon
To stop the breaking of bones

It’s elegance is simple
But mastery is a chore
Patience and years of practice
Are what is in store

Start the training with the young
Creating snipers of change
Evolve into a revolution
Emotions will rearrange

Take it to the streets
It’s tone will strike the masses
Random acts of violins
Should be used on all classes

The orchestration of peace
Is music to the ears
A symphony must be assembled
And heard by all far….and near.