The Signs

by good2begone

What constitutes a drinking “problem”?

Umm…you drink too much?

That’s the easy “go to” answer. But…is it really that simple?

Since I have laid off the sauce for a few years now, I have been able to look back into my past to see if there were any warning signs that should have tipped me off to whether or not I had a drinking problem or not.

You decide-

-more bar tabs to pay than general bills to pay

-bar tabs in 2 countries

– 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment where one bath was utilized as a beer cooler.

-stop drinking at 5 am… at 6 am

– lost a car due to drinking…not repossessed…LOST. I forgot where I parked it. Never found it by the way.

-drove into a house…while drinking

-got banned from Mexico

– drove a car, with no brakes, 16 miles to get the bartender to work on time and to get free drinks.

-used to shake bottles of beer and snort them through my nose…because drinking them just wasn’t fun enough.

-was escorted out of a major metropolitan city and driven 700 miles away because “my peeps” were tired of my drinking escapades

-drove 45 miles in a blackout. Rewarded myself with drinking after coming to.

– drank 23 shots of tequila in 35 minutes….woke up covered in vomit on a jail floor in Mexico


I think I hit the trifecta.

If it wasn’t for alcohol, Mexico, and driving I might have been eligible for sainthood.


Maybe he could have saved me….

Nah, he only saves Will Robinson.