Second Row, Third From the Right

Weekly writing challenge- 1000 words

Here is the picture given, the story after is my version of what is going on.



She sits on the merry go round that’s too rusted to spin, and waits for the big men in blue with the guns and the walker talkies that squak all the time, to come and talk to her. She leaned against the circle platform in her second hand clothes and watches as her Mother’s eyes, dart back and forth between her and the blue men.

“Mommy is probably mad at me. It’s not my fault though. She told me to watch out for the blue men, but I’ve never seen a tiger up close. I just wanted to see if he wanted to play.”she thinks to herself.

One of the blue men looks over at her, smiles, and begins to walk over to her holding a pad and pen.

She stares at him, big eyed, and kicks at nothing on the concrete to act distracted.

The officer kneels down in front of her and asked her a few questions.

“Hi, sweetie. My name is Officer Davis. What’s your name?”

“Beverly….but my Mommy calls me Phylicity”

The Officer felt a twinge in his gut but tried not to show it.

“Ok….Phylicity . Do you have a last name?”

“Ummm…ummmm…I don’t think I’m supposed to talk to you in this game…I was just supposed to like…watch out for you..and now I’m gonna be in trouble again and I’m never gonna see my Daddy again…”

“Aww…that’s not true. We are good guys in blue. Look,” he says as he pulls a picture out of his wallet of a young girl about her age. “I have a daughter who is probably as old as you are. I would never be bad to her. Why would I be bad to you?”

The girl stopped and scratched her head, kicked some concrete around again, and looked up back at the officer.

“We are just asking your Mommy a few questions about some items that came up missing in there. If I have your last name then I can find your Daddy and he can come get you.”

“Mommy says we don’t have a last name. I’m just Phylicity now.” She said confidently.

“Hmm..ok why don’t you come with me and I will get you something to eat and drink while you wait for us to be done talking to Mommy.”

“Can I get a strawberry shake?”

“Sure…whatever you want.”

She took the officer’s hand and followed him to the counter where she was left with a female officer.

He returned to his partner, who was not getting anything out of the Mother but grief.

The girl watched as her Mother argued with the blue men as she sipped on her shake.

She saw them handcuff her and take her to the squad car.

The nice blue man came over to her and said that Mommy needed to go for ride with the other officer but would see her later.

“Phylicity.” He said, “I am going to take you with me, and we are going to try to figure out where your Daddy is and why your Mommy is being so difficult, ok.”

“Ok. Can she come with us? She’s nice, too.” She asked as she pointed to the female officer.

“Sure she can. You can ride up front with us and set the sirens off,”


They got into the vehicle and headed toward the station.

On a hunch, the officer pulled into the Walmart parking lot, got out with the young girl and headed into the entryway.

Just inside the front door, on the right, were postings of missing children.

2nd row, third from the right was a picture of Beverly Richtor….

Missing since 2011.


23 thoughts on “Second Row, Third From the Right

  1. Very unexpected angle there. Focused just on the girl and left out the merry go round altogether, very nice.

    I love the little touches here n there which make the story kick.. e.g. Phylicity…

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