It has been close to a year since I last checked up on “Girl, not of this world”……..


And is written in honor of a fellow blogger-


She requested a follow up. So here it is….

*each link is a tie in to the story*

Please hit the links while you read for full effect…it’s like a pop up book for your senses.

The Wisdom Runners of the Galaxy are a collection of peaceful and wise beings. Although, when crossed, they are known to be quite nasty. They place information gatherers on stars that have living beings, in order to monitor their evolution as a species.

Currently, there are quite a few gatherers on the star known as Earth. A relatively young civilization separated by water masses. Their trials and tribulations have been monitored extensively since the beginning.

Most of the gatherers do as they are told and transfer information as scheduled.

Some do not.

Some get caught up in the species and question their purpose.

The girl is caught up.

She is from the newest generation of gatherers. She either wants to be set free amongst the humans or taken back to base.

Because of this latest conundrum, the Runners have decided to counsel together to find a viable solution.

“We can’t let her decide. She signed on for the gathering…she must remain there to gather.” Number 1 says.

Number 5 quickly interjects,

“We have ways of dealing with ones who don’t comply. Dariois has been a prisoner on that mountain almost since this stars gathering has begun.”

A wave of over zealous laughter filled the chamber.

“Yes, and although he has been there for so long….his time there will run out. The beings who have sought him are becoming wiser. He has had 1 seek him twice…he will be freed from his prison soon.” Squawked #3

“We have disposed of gatherers before where freedom is not an option over time…” #8 said with a grin.

“SILENCE!” Yelled the leader without a number as he banged his cane on the large floating table.

“Termination or violence is not our way….anymore. Even we are being poisoned by our venture into this particular star. I feel we only have one solution in dealing with the girl.”

He paused, as all great leaders do, to assure that all attention was focused on his next statement.

“She is not lost….yet. Only teetering on the edge. We must send someone to her that knows the goal of our existence. The one who uses the ways we were meant to use and not the ways we have derived. His successes are small, as of yet, but great things are sure to come. He is the wanderer.”

The chamber fell silent. #4 was the only one who chose to speak.

“Is the wanderer not the one, who at one time, was on this counsel? Was he not banished for defying the rulings?”

The leader retorted,

“Banished is a strong word. I prefer to use the term relinquished of duty….but his chip can be reintroduced into the system. I’m sure he would at least listen. I will do so if only I have the approval of the counsel.”

Number 2 queried,

“He could be in another galaxy by now….how could you possibly find him?”

The leader quickly replied,

“He never fled to another galaxy. He has been an inhabitant of Earth all the while…”

End part 2.

Did ya hit the links? You gotta hit the links. It’s my epic tie in crossover story….


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