The Three in One

by good2begone

Hate is a strong word. It’s an angry word….and should not be used in any situation….

Unless the situation involves

3-“The Piano Man” by Billy Joel.

Please…allow me to elaborate….

While working I like to listen to Internet radio. No commercials for car insurance, Viagra, or Taco Bell is to found.

It’s glorious!

Unfortunately, no matter what genre I choose to drown out the sounds of the world with, one song ALWAYS finds its way into the rotation.


“The Piano Man” by Billy Joel

If you know anyone from NY, grew up in the late ’70’s, or have ever been within 500 feet of anything karaoke, then you know the song.

How it finds its way into every genre is beyond me. I have hit the thumbs down button EVERY TIME it comes on…and still it returns.

Today, I had a plan.

I got to the job site and opened up my Songza app.

I found the one category that would save my day.

“Korean death metal jamboree”

I couldn’t pronounce the artists, I couldn’t understand the lyrics. It was loud and it was in Korean. But it wasn’t…..

And then it happened.

I heard the roar of a crowd.

“Hmmm..must be a live version.” I said

Then I heard a piano…

And I screamed as I ran over to my docked phone….


I looked at the screen.

Billy Joel-live in Korea.

No genre is safe from this madness.

I stopped at the local convenience store on the way home.

The person in front of me reeked of patchouli.


I payed for my fountain drink and walked out with my head hanging low.

I just want to go home, eat dinner and go to bed.

I get home and pork chops are cooking in the oven.

“Mmmm…. I love meat.” I say to myself

I happily enter the kitchen and look to see what else was in store for the King’s arrival at his castle.

Then I saw them..


Green afro sticks in the pan.


Billy Joel

All in 1 post.

3 things I don’t really care for….but trying to avoid them is not the answer. Convincing myself I hate them is not the answer.

Tolerance is the answer.