Ze Plane…Ze Plane

Daily Prompt-Life Line
I sat down in my seat
In the aisle of the plane
The woman at the window
Was there with a cane

To me she seemed odd
She strangely took my hand
She said she could read it
And carried out her plan

Her fingers ran down
The length of my palm
She looked up with a sigh
But remained rather calm

Your life has been rough
You have traveled a long road
Never being a prince
Always the toad

You’ve won some you lost some
But from what I can see
A change is a coming
I will reveal…for a fee

I took back my hand
And looked her in the face
I said, ” You may be right,
But I think you are a nut case.”

“I live my life right
And sure it’s been rough,
But that’s marker on my hand,
Used to remember some stuff”

“Keep your hands to yourself,
I will do the same with mine.
The future will come soon enough,
That’s what happens…in time.”



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