Echoes Of Youth

by good2begone

Visions of small legs
Kicking up to the stars
If we try hard enough
We could jump over the monkey bars

The swing set sits center
On the site made for play
It now just sits empty
The ground turned to clay.

There sits the rocket
Where astronauts are found
The slide sits unused
There is no one to bring down.

The merry go round sits still
Not even the wind makes it spin
No screams or dizzy laughs
The cobwebs have set in

A place where imagination
Once was set free
Now lies a ghost town
Of rust and no glee.

The playground has been replaced
By chips in a box
No need to go outside
Just plug the controller into its dock

It’s my generations turn
To complain like the ones before
I’ve turned into my parents
It’s a fact….I can’t ignore.