Eyes Behind

by good2begone

Manicured lawn
Picket fence of white
Beyond the wind chimes
And welcome mat
Lies a different sight.

The aura is dark
Happiness is not seen
The day starts with vodka
To open up the scene

He’s off to do business
With his Miss on the side
She stays home to pop pills
It masks the emptiness inside

Lipstick on the collar
Poison on the breathe
It begins with broken dishes
Offensive begins….
Self defense at best.

The children are sent to watch TV
When things begin to get crazy
All the while they wonder
Why their last name’s can’t be
Cosby or Brady.

The scene usually ends
With gifts made of gold
Money can buy happiness
It’s just souls that are sold.

This is not my life story
But unfortunately it’s real.
It happens every day
With no chance of appeal.