Or, Well, Was, Is

Daily prompt- Retrospctive

The Man of Steel returned
Only on the screens
“T, J, and the Way of the A”
We’re not his motives,
He only needed money…
So it seems.

The whistles were blowing
The spies and scandals abound
Clowns on the left
Jokers to the right
In the middle, no amusement
Our cries make no sound.

The race started with a bang
A yearly festival of running
That always bring cheer
It ended with a boom
No stanza or rhyme
Can dissipate the fear.

Motown is headed south
It’s soul lies in limbo
How does a city fall
When the building don’t crumble
I wish I knew the answer
But it’s not that simple

2013 is not gone
Only halfway by the number
Orwell might be a prophet
The year, his only blunder.



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