Gummy Bare

The gum business is a sticky operation.

The packaging and selling points have to change with the times.

Lets look at a few.

First up-

Black jack gum


Notice the Norman Rockwellesque advertising. It is obviously from a time gone by…..

Just like black licorice flavored gum.

Then there is this one.

Blow pops


Hard candy flavored shell with bubble gum at the core.

Quite ingenious…still stands the test of time….and keeps the dentistry business booming.

The sports industry had not readily been tapped for gum consumers until this came along-

Big League Chew


Not old enough for stomach churning Red Man…..not to worry little leaguer, this will be your starter kit. Go ahead try to stuff it all in your cheek at one time….just like your favorite big league slugger!

Gum….it keeps up with the times.

I say that to get to this….

Every couple of days or so I convince myself I need to quit smoking.

Gum is the answer. There are usually multiple packages of gum stuffed in drawers around the house just for that reason.

Until today….

No gum to be found. Until at the back of a kitchen cabinet I came across this-

Xanthan gum


It says gum right on the package.

I thought maybe some company created powdered chewing gum.


So I ripped open the package and poured it into my mouth and tried to make it into chewing gum.

What I made was a bacteria paste that made me look like I had rabies.

Xanthan gum-

10 out of 10 dentists recommend you don’t try to chew it…..EVER.


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