Throwaway Treasure

Out with the old…

No seriously just get rid of it.

I hear this a lot in the remodeling business.

The idea of remodeling is to upgrade.

I get that.


Sending some of the original charm to the landfill just doesn’t sit right with me.

So I take…what is thrown away and make it useable again.

We are currently remodeling a place that was probably originally built in the ’50’s.

When I say remodeling, I really mean gutting the entire place down to the bare studs and starting over.

During the gutting process, I came across this door. It’s only 24 inches wide, solid wood, and is…awesome!

The customer wanted it gone. It’s “good” that she wanted it “2begone“.

I took it from its destination amongst common garbage and gave it new life.

As a display table in our den.


I didn’t “change” anything.

The old doorknob and skeleton key insert are still there. The hinges are still there.

All the scratches, dings, and discoloration that have been there for years are still there.


All I did was clean it with wood cleaner…..

And nailed it to and end table I found at an antique place, which was a whopping $20.

Currently on display on the table are framed photos I have taken and used on this blog.

Yeah…I keep those too.

All I ask, is next time you think you need to get rid of the old…..

Try to think of some way to make it new to you again.

History is for treasuring not for trashing.


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