Square Footage

Keeping caught up on finances is much like dangling a apple on a stick just out of reach of a horses mouth.

He thinks he is going to get it, but no matter how hard he tries…..he doesn’t.

To attempt to earn a little extra fruit, I picked up a job on the side.


To make ends meet I took on installing laminate wood floor in my neighbors house…..his entire house.

It’s not a mansion or necessarily a huge house, but 800 sq. feet of floor is a daunting task for 1 weekend.


I worked a total of 16 hours this weekend. With the help of my handy Wife, I installed 795 sq. feet.

5 short.

Why you ask?



“Oh, no…you again?”

Betelgeuse-“Yes sireee, Mr. red on the head like a..”


Betelguese- “feeling a little sensitive are we….I`m feeling a little, ooh, anxious if you know what I mean. It`s been about six hundred years after all. I wonder where a guy, an everyday Joe like myself, can find a little *action*.”

“You’re in the wrong place to find action wearing that stripes getup. Where did you escape from….prison?”

Betelgeuse-“You released me from my prison, funny bone.” He says as he looks at my Dc Comics Flash statue and then continues.

Betelguese: (kicks over statue) Nice F*ck*n model (as he grabs his genitals)
Honk honk

“Hey, that’s a collectible figurine you undead wannabe!….beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice.”

Betelgeuse- “Crap”

I couldn’t finish the last 5 because I was tired and frustrated.

I still am.

I think I will try to relaxing by watching an old movie.

Any suggestions?

I’m still chasing the apple, by the way.


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