Tool Time

by good2begone

Buying scratch off lottery tickets is a lot like giving money to the homeless.

Stay with me here….

Giving money hoping that something will be gotten in return.

In the end it is usually a donation either way.

I give to homeless people….or whom I believe to be homeless, with the hopes that the money will go for food, clothing or just plain help with their situation.

It gives me a good feeling.

Until I see them heading into the liquor store with my donation.

The result is my feeling like a tool.

I buy scratch offs with the hope for a winning ticket, even a break even is a win.

Until I scratch.

The typical result is me….feeling like a tool.


4 scratch off buys at separate stores at different times of the day.

(It’s part of my elaborate lottery scratch off system)

Here is the list of the price of the ticket and the corresponding scratch off win cash amount and my mumbo jumbo math after.

1-$5=$5 even Steven baby.

2-$3= $20 minus price of ticket, minus even result from last ticket up $12

3- $2=$4 minus price of ticket, plus win amount, up $14

4- $5=$25 minus ticket price, plus win amount, up $34


I could feed a homeless family in a third world country for like 7 1/2 years on that…

Or I could buy a new tool….

Get me Sally Strothers on the phone!