The Stronghold

Kids grow up fast.

In the almost 7 years I have known my wife…meaning the 4 1/2 we have been married and the previous 3 when I stalked and studied her every move to find my way in.

Wait…don’t get the wrong idea…”stalked” is probably the wrong word……It’s not like I hung out in the bushes with binoculars from across the street and borrowed various vehicles to follow her around or anything like that….much.

I just knew she was the one and I had to make sure she knew it too…

That doesn’t sound much better….let me move along to the reason for this post.

I have watched the kids grow from children to young adults. It is amazing how much they have changed.

I am comfortable with their growth and impending morphignation into adulthood.

(Sweet I just made up a new word.)

My wife……is not.

In the last month, there have been both positive and negative changes in the life of my stepson.

On the plus-

He got his first vehicle.

On the neg-

He got his first hangover.

On the plus-

He got his first job.

I personally found no negative to this. He is of age to work. It will build confidence and keep my wallet on the plus side.


His first day was today. 2 hours before his scheduled arrival, at said job, he was overcome with a wave of nausea.

First day jitters…I get it.

He was ready to go. My wife was not ready for him to go.

Him“I need to put gas in my truck before work.”

Mom“Would you like me to follow you to the gas station and put gas in for you?”

Stepdad/Husband“Seriously?? I’m quite sure he has the ability to do it himself.”

Mom“Well…I don’t want him to smell like gas on his first day.”


Stepdad/Husband“People have been putting gas in their vehicles before they go to work since the invention of jobs, cars and gas, honey. Besides, its not like he is going to use it for deodorant. Do you want to walk him into the front doors of his job and follow him around all day as well?”

Mom“Yes…Yes I do. Do you have a problem with that?”

I just look at her with a smirk.

Him“Ummm…I have a problem with that….and I gotta go. Bye. See you after work.”

Mom“Ok, honey. I love you. Have a great first day. I will be here so you can tell me all about it when you get home.” She says as tears well up in her eyes as he walks out.

Stepdad/Husband“He is gonna grow up whether you like if or not. Let him grow up gracefully.”

Mom“I’m trying. He is my little boy. Before we know it he will be moving out of the house.”

Stepdad/Husband“Only if ‘before we know it’ means 30 years old..Come on honey, I think you need some retail therapy to help you deal with the kids growing up.”

Off to the mall we went.

I thought my wallet was supposed to maintain the green once the kids grew up. Turns out it will stay in the red until my wife lets them….



7 thoughts on “The Stronghold

  1. If I had a man like you maybe I wouldn’t have been kicking … I mean gently nudging my eldest son out the door with my boot … I mean my encouraging words.

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