Still Clueless

by good2begone

I have previously posted about the state of my parenting skills.

It is still a work in progress.

Raising a stepdaughter is a challenging task for a guy like me.

My wife, of course, is a great help but I like to attempt to be a hero on my own.

My first attempt was a post called-

The Clueless One

The clueless wonder, that would be me, adds to the saga.

Drill team practice and preparation continues through the summer in order to be ready for the next school year.

I suggested to my stepdaughter that she needed to stay in shape to be ready.

Her reply,

“You think I’m fat…don’t you?”

My quick response,

“You are 14 and weigh like 80 pounds with all your clothes on soaking wet. No…you are not fat, but if you do not want to be tired and sore for the drill team camp you will be attending, then you need to exercise to keep your muscles limber.”

Her-“Ok…are you gonna take me to buy a workout video?”

Me-“Even better than buying one…I already have one!”


Yeah, it’s Carmen Electra’s strip to stay fit video….

Did I mention I was clueless?

We skidded past the obvious stripperesque parts ( no nudity just….stuff that made a 14 year old uncomfortable) and went straight for the workout stuff.

Her-“How old is this video? She has pig tails and a jumpsuit on?”

Me-“Ummm…well I’m old… you figure it out…”

She pulls out the yoga mat and gets down to working out.

I just tried to be supportive….


Crap…is that my crunch bar in the picture?