The Shine

The old man smiled and replied,

“Son of God to some..crazy son of a bitch to most. Once again it’s all relevant to what you “choose” to believe. You stopped me because you want to write a story of interest but you have no interest or faith in yourself. You work for a paycheck for the greater good of you. I work for the greater good of all. And that is the only paycheck I need.”

The reporter thought about that for a moment and was about to reply but the old man spoke once more.

“I must go, kind sir. My feet must keep moving to do my work. If you would like to speak again, just look for me. I will be around. Good day.”

With that he tipped his fedora at the reporter and began to walk away one shiny shoe in front of the other.

The reporter was left with a mind full of questions with all the answers on the tip of his tongue, a story he couldn’t quite put together, the faint smell of lemons and a pair of freshly shined shoes on his feet.

He used those to walk around and ponder his next move.


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