The Shine

He turned and saw Mr. Shiny Shoes picking up a can and placing it in his trash bag.

This time he chose his words more carefully…

“Excuse me, sir…might I have a few words with you?”

The old man looked up, smiled, tipped his fedora and replied,

“Why, of course, young man. As long as you don’t mind walking with me for a spell.”

He got up from the bench and walked over and next to the old man. To his surprise he had a lemony smell about him and not a homeless mans funk.

First, the old man spoke,

“I can tell by your demeanor, that I am not what you expected. As they say…looks can be deceiving.”

“I really didn’t know what to expect. The ruffled, oversized suit…picking up cans and all….but you don’t smell homeless….and the shiny shoes…I don’t get it. I’m a reporter looking for a human interest story to keep my job….you seem to be about as interesting as it gets.”

“You say interesting…I am just a humble man who gets by with what he needs to survive and that brings me contentment and happiness.”

“Raggedy clothes? Shiny shoes? Picking up cans? That’s all you want to be happy?” The reporter inquired.

“The clothes provide warmth from the elements, the cans provide enough for shelter and food. The shoes provide comfort for my means of travel….I take care of my vehicle…they take care of me. Happiness is relevant to the individual.” The old man stated.

“How does living in poverty with shiny shoes bring wealth and happiness? I’m lost with this.”

“Much like happiness…wealth is relative to the individual. My wealth does not come from paper money and new things. My wealth comes from sharing the lessons my Father taught me and passing them along to those who ask. I give respect to all and get respect back from those who inquire. I live with riches unknown to most because my faith in others provides me opportunity to shine….much like the shoes that provide me comfort and travel.”

The reporter chuckled and asked another question,

“Are you trying to tell me that you are the son of God?”


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