The Shine

He went out to the park, iPad in hand, to gather his jumbled thoughts and people watch for a while.

He thought to himself,

“If I’m going to write a human interest story I better watch the humans…I don’t know why I am even doing this…I only got that stupid degree because its what my Father wanted.”

He sat and watched as the business men and women as they shuffled off to meetings or conference rooms or wherever business people went.

He watched tourists shuffle by with their cameras and kids.

He watched the Mom’s as they pushed their children in strollers and gabbed about celebrity gossip.

He again had a thought,

“See…this town sucks…no human interest…just humans living their mundane lives.”

He placed his Ipad down, put his elbows on his knees and his palms around his head and sighed.

Just then a gleam of light caught his attention.

He looked up and saw an old black man in a disheveled dirty, too big for him grey suit, picking up discarded cans next to the trash bin.

He watched as he carefully knelt down with his cane in one hand and picked up each can individually and placed them in a trash bag with a yellow pull tie.

The gleam that caught the reporters eye came from the man’s immaculately shined dressed shoes.


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