The Stepdad Chronicles

Super glue supposedly bonds all kinds of stuff in mere seconds.

I have been a step father to 2 awesome children for over 4 years and still we are forming a bond.

I should have read the package when I signed this deal. This stuff takes work.

My wife went out for an evening with friends. I took it as an opportunity to enhance the bond with the kids.

That’s bond…family bond.

Sometimes shaken…sometimes stirred…sometimes hard to swallow but always worth the effort.

I had visions of what television tells us what family time should be.


Yeah…one more reason added to the list of why I quit watching TV.


I offered movie night, after my wife left for the evening.

The responses were as follows…


“I’m in the middle of a campaign on my PS3. After my team finishes this secret mission and open up another map, I will be out to hang.”

Me- “Great”


“Is Netflix working? I was watching something a couple of days ago and I want to finish it…and do my nails. After that we can hang out.”



So… wife will be back in an hour or so.

My stepson is still playing war games…evident by the the gunfire and helicopter sounds coming out from his dark room.

My stepdaughter is engulfed in painting her nails and switching between episodes of “Bridezillas”and “The Cleveland Show” on Netflix.

Me- I have been sitting on the sofa with my headphones on listening to Ice T on my iPod.

O.G. Original Gangster

Nothing more gangster than my life.

Family time in the age of digital technology…



7 thoughts on “The Stepdad Chronicles

  1. I was part of a bonus family too… That’s what we eventually came to call each other, bonus family. Might be the ages of the kids, too. The good news is that in adulthood we all get along a lot better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. It’s hard, it really is. If it makes you feel any better, i get the same from my ‘full’ kids. Sadly, as a writer, i’m partly to blame because when they were younger i often asked for a few minutes before we ‘hung’. Still, i block at least one dinner together with no electronic devices once a weekend, and i can often get them to help me cook.

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