In The End

by good2begone

The joys of parenting never cease to amaze me….

Oh wait…did I I say…..joys?


All caps make me feel powerful.

This weekend brought another first in our journey of parenthood.

Our 16 year old sons first hangover.

It only added to the weekend that needed to just end.

He went to stay at a friends house. My wife reluctantly let him take his truck.

I said, “We have to trust him at some point.”

Those would be one of my many famous last words.

We got a call at 8 am, from him, saying he had been drinking the night before and was dizzy and throwing up and couldn’t drive home.

For those new to this blog…my wife and I are both sober. She just surpassed the 9 year mark (YAY!), and I am over 6 years.

So this news, although not surprising, was quite surprising.

We has a discussion before picking him up to have some sort of plan of action.



This has nothing to do with our plan of action….


Murdering our son for drinking… crossed our mind but we didn’t.

That is my truck with red barn paint spilled all over the bed and tailgate. I really need to learn to close the tops of paint better.


We got him home and he looked like hell.

We waited for him to beg for forgiveness…..


That’s not my son. That’s my dog who isn’t feeling well. We don’t know what is wrong but she sits like that and moans in pain. No vets open on the weekend. She been like that since this morning.

Our son wanted to just go to bed and sleep it off.

What kind of parents would we be if we allowed him to do that?

I wouldn’t know because we didn’t allow him to do that.

We told him he needed to do his laundry, clean his room,


mow the lawn.

After that we would consider rest for him.

We live in Central Texas. Today it was about 90 degrees by 10 am.

He huffed, and puffed, and mowed, and dry heaved and sweated. And threw up and mowed over it. And finished.

How did he do?

It looked like a hungover teenager mowed our yard.

I redid it after he went in.

We are grateful he told us what he did instead of lying and saying he was just sick.

The truth still has consequences.

We are disappointed in his decision making.

We as parents can teach, guide, educate, and inform on our experiences from that age.

Much to his denial, we were teenagers at one point.


Regardless of all that information, it is up to him to make the decisions that he makes.

In the end, it is all part of HIS growing up process.

Strangely similar to the process I went through so many years ago.


“Hey son!! Wake up….you missed a spot.”