3 Days Away

by good2begone

In my younger days, working out of town would be something to look forward to.

There was a routine to it.

1-Get up and work.

2-Put In a hard day of labor.


4-Then put in a hard night of drinking.

5-Repeat until job is done.

Now I’m older….not so much wiser….but I don’t drink any more. So going out of town to work is just about the work.

New routine is as follows…

1-Up at 7 am

2-Work 12 hours





Basically living on the jobsite…how can I put it nicely….sucks.

I would rather run naked…..handcuffed and blindfolded through a cactus farm than do this again.

And yet I will do this again.

Monday through Wednesday for the next 2 weeks.

Here are the NON perks of living on the jobsite.

1- sleeping on an air mattress.

2- no hot water.

3- falling asleep in construction dust.

4- waking up in construction dust.

5- did I mention no hot water?

Nothing makes me appreciate my home more than remodeling and living in someone else’s for a while.

These are my accommodations.


Here is my destiny.