Feels Like The First Time

by good2begone

My 16 year old step-son got his first vehicle. A 1995 F-150

It is a truck with more miles on it than a Times Square hooker…..but looks much better than a Times Square hooker with that many miles on her…..

That was probably too much info.

Anyhoo. Word on the street has it that the truck only had one owner…..and it looks it.

The interior is flawless. No cracks in the dash, the headlight covers aren’t even faded.

It still has the factory cassette player.

My step-son scratches his head at that one. He doesn’t know what it is. There was a cassette in the player that he gave to me and said-

“This thing was in a slot near the radio. Since you are old I thought you might know what it is.”

I replied,

“That…my not so historically inclined musical device major, is called a cassette tape. We old people used to record music off the radio and listen to it with something we called a Walkman or better yet a boom box.”

“While you were driving?” He questioned, “That doesn’t sound too safe….”

He went off driving for a while and came back about an hour later…..With a flat tire.

AFTER 1 HOUR, I must repeat!!

It was about 2 hours before dark. My best thinking was get a can of fix a flat.

I mean, just look at the name of the product…it must be called that for a reason.

Bottom line- all it did was make my wallet flat.

Crappiest. Product. Ever.

Luckily the truck had a spare underneath.

That had to be gotten out by use of a hacksaw.

It’s getting dark now.

While attempting to teach him how to change a tire, he is concerning himself with where the stickers I got him from “Reckless Records” in Chicago should go on his back window.

I wanted to get mad.

But sudden flashbacks of the first car my Dad got me came into my head.

It was a ’74 Nova, with a bad paint job. I had a name for her-

“The Nova-histamine”.

As he showed me how to change a tire, I was placing Foreigner stickers on the bumper.

Ahh…memory lane!

So I just finished the job and went back into the house.

He can drive the truck to school tomorrow.


I can go inside and dig out old Foreigner cassettes and play them until the tape gets pulled out.

Hopefully I have a #2 pencil handy so I can reel the tape back in for my next trip down the lane.

Every once in a while, I can experience a first with the kids…..the same first I experienced when I was one.