MC Joe

Joe got into a fight today. He lost.

I have posted about Joe before-

Joe Lean Lies
Lyric Lesson With Mo Joe

For today’s entry he will be called MC Joe

He got into a fight with a screw that was imbedded in concrete.

His best idea for extracting the screw from the concrete was to use the claw of a hammer.

MC JOE-“You are not going to screw me!”

Me-“Joe….what are you doing….”

MC Joe“I’m going to use this hammer to get out this screw! That’s what I’m doing..”

Me- (pleading with his object of extraction) “Please hammer don’t hurt him.”

The screw in the concrete-“You can’t touch this!!”

MC Joe-“I won’t give up until I got you…cuz I am too legit to quit!”

MC Joe places the claw of the hammer on the head of the screw and begins to tug..

And tug

And tug


Then it slips off and smacks him in the forehead….

That hammer hit him so darn hard
It made me say, “Oh, my lord!”

Here is the picture to prove it….

(Forehead and eyes only….I don’t want to completely embarrass the guy)

As Mc Joe is rapping obscenities in utter pain, “the kid” walks over and unscrews the screw from the concrete with his index finger and thumb….and tosses it into the trashcan.

As for me….I just have to pray to make it today.

MC HAMMER thanks me for the multiple references in one post…you all can too….after you get the songs out of your head.


It’s still good2begone.


One thought on “MC Joe

  1. What a great post about sobriety! Trying to force life to react the way i want to, usually ends up with my being a little bruised. Agreeing to life’s terms means i get un-screwed and can throw my problems in the trash bin.

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