The Silent Conversations of Neeko & Trotter

by good2begone

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Neeko led Trotter out of the soup kitchen and into streets of the city.

Cars sped by on the busy streets. Taxicab drivers honk their horns and weaved in and out of traffic. People whisk by them on their way to wherever they had to go. Policemen on street duty listen to the squawks on their radios.

Neeko hears none of it. He can only imagine what sounds fill the world.
He feels the anxiousness in his surroundings but cannot amplify it.

He stops and looks at Trotter, whose eyes are darting back and forth with the commotion of the city. He looks uncomfortable and uneasy.

Neeko taps him on the shoulder and looks at him with a quizzical look. He points at him and then makes the ok symbol with his thumb and index finger.

“Are you ok?” Is the hand question that is asked.

Trotter shakes his head back and forth. Then points at himself and makes a gesture like he is drinking something. Then holds his hand straight out, palm down. It is trembling and he can’t keep it steady.

Neeko nods his head up and down, holds up 2 fingers and writes a square in the air and returns the drinking gesture.

“I understand. 2 blocks away we can get something to drink.”

They round the corner and travel 2 blocks north.

The city park is their destination.

They get to the first water fountain. Trotter sets down his backpack and opens up one of the pockets and takes out a pill bottle.

He pops out 2 tablets and looks at Neeko who has a concerned look. He hands the bottle to him so he can have a look.

With shaky hands he places the pills in his mouth and drinks from the fountain.

Neeko looks at the bottle. It is a prescription for Xanax from the free clinic.

Trotter wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and motions for Neeko to sit down.

Neeko shakes his head back and forth and at the same time points down. Then points at a shaded tree about hundred yards away.

Trotter nods and picks up his backpack.

They reach their rest stop and sit down just as the breeze picks up and rustles the leaves.

It is a calming sound for Trotter. Neeko can only watch the leaves shudder and move on the branches.

They sit and stare at each other.

Finally, Neeko hand gestures a question.

He makes a puzzled look on his face, pointed at Trotter, shook his index finger back and forth, and then tapped his middle two fingers against his thumb as he mouthed the words,

“Why you no talk?”

Trotter just stared through him for a minute….trying to gauge the trust factor of someone he just met.

He broke the stare.

Reached into his backpack and pulled out a pen and paper and wrote down a few sentences.

Before he handed it to him he pointed at his neck and looked up.

Revealing a 6 inch scar across his windpipe.

Neeko’s eyes widen. He took the note and read it.

This is what happened the last time I talked… talking…no pain.

He looked up from the note and stared into Trotter’s eyes.

Then Neeko reached down, untucked his shirt and pulled it up just past his belly revealing 4 scars.

He put his shirt back down and made a stabbing motion with his right fist…four times, shrugged and gave him a half smile.

Trotter reached back into his backpack and pulled out a brown paper bag. He reached in and pulled out 2 sticks of red licorice and handed one to Neeko.

Trotter returned the shrug along with a real smile and took a tug off the licorice and began to happily chew it.

For the first time, in a long time, each boy felt comfortable in their own scarred skin.


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