Smart Rant


This is a “smart watch” or at least a prototype of one.

It does everything a-




…..Does. Except you strap it to your wrist with a harness.

Do we really need any mores smart objects to make us look and act less….


Besides haven’t we tried the smart watch before?

Hmmm….let me ponder that for a second….

Or oven better use my smart phone to produce an image of the last attempt…


Yeah……remember that piece of technological genius. It had the illuminator AND a calculator. How have we made it since that disappeared?

Isn’t it about time we just let a watch be a watch.

Just a quick rant.

My phone has just reminded me that it is time to go back to work.

I used to use watch….. but who wants to wants to waste those precious milliseconds having to raise your wrist and turn it towards your eyes to read the time when I can just have my phone tell me.

It’s good2begone….and that’s why I go.


4 thoughts on “Smart Rant

  1. I gotta tell you, I would totally buy a Smart Watch. However, I can’t wear watches in my line of work, plus I can’t wear watches because something about my system shorts them out. Freaky, but true. So sad.

  2. Agreed. Let a watch be a watch. We’re so obsessed with “smart.” They’re probably gonna come out with smart pens any day day now, and they’ll be so smart, that they won’t even write… Jeez.

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