Irony Of The Snake Man

by good2begone

This man is a legend.

He holds multiple world records, that are recognized by that Guinness Book that lists all the world records.

Where I live he is a local hero. He lives in the same area, and has for many years.

He is currently in critical condition at our local hospital.

He is known the world over for his accomplishments.

Some call him fearless. A renegade. A collector of creatures that many fear.

I call him an idiot.

He is….

Jackie Bibby “The Texas Snake Man”

He has had a TV show-


I don’t know if it is still on or not, but I do know that he travels the world to show off his talents.

He holds the record for number of live rattlesnakes being held in his mouth by the rattles-


He holds the record for being in a sleeping bag with the most rattlesnakes-


He has lost part of his leg due to a snakebite. He almost lost an arm.

He has completely lost his mind.

Every year in our wonderful small town. We have what is called-

“The Rattlesnake Roundup”

He is the host.

Besides the main attraction of “the snake man” there are other things at the roundup.

Guns…lots of guns

Knives….sharp sharper and damn!

And swords..Samurai broadswords and katana swords…..

I don’t know what a katana sword is…I just like saying it…


It doesn’t sound like a weapon…it sounds like a sneeze….

Bless you….


And of course there is food.

Weapons, rattlesnakes and food. Fun for the whole family!

Redneck crazies come from all over to challenge the snake man at the roundup.

They get to crawl into the sleeping bag and have snakes put into it, until they say stop…..or get bit….or freak out.


The should have called it-

“The Idiot Roundup”

The roundup was this past weekend.

Mr. Bibby was a no show.

The news reported that he was in the hospital.

He was at his home rounding up his snakes to take to the roundup…..And one of his rattlesnakes rounded up and bit him.

Ohhh the irony.

Get well, Snake Man. The Roundup is just guns, knives, swords and food without the main attraction.

We need people like you, who do the things, that we would never think of doing in the name of world records.