Duck Sauce

by good2begone

My black truck is awaiting to be picked up……she is fixed.

Not fixed like getting a pet spayed or neutered. Which I recommend if you have a pet. If you don’t have a pet, I wouldn’t recommend it because wearing the cone is not very becoming on anyone.

Trust me on that one.


Sorry….got distracted.

Maybe fixed wasn’t the right wording to apply.

The mechanic has repaired my vehicle.

There. Simple enough.

He called and told me how it was repaired and what was replaced.

While he was informing me of the replacements…..this is what I thought he replaced.






Any guesses?


Here are the answers-

1- tie rods
2- lifters

Stop laughing.

No really.

I don’t know jack about vehicles.

He could have told me the flux capacitor needed to be replaced and I would have agreed.

All I know is I get it back for the small price of ordering out of state Taiwanese
food and having it delivered to my door.


“You wan derivery to Texas? Dat cos extra! A rot… I mean a rot extra!”

“Yeah…yeah…here’s my credit card. Just don’t forget the duck sauce like last time.”

The mechanic also said she purrs like a kitten now.

Unlike when I dropped her off and it sounded like an 8 year old playing drums under the hood.

no pic for that one….get your own mental image.

What was down
Is now up
What was broke
Is now fixed repaired

As always

It is good2begone.