Black Truck Down

It was scheduled to be a good day.

It’s freaking Friday! The weekend awaits. All I had to do was make it through the workday.

That consisted of driving to the jobsite….100 miles away.

78 miles into the journey the loud clicking began.

I had the radio turned up to get the full effect of “Sister Christian”…..yeah I said it…..I was listening to Night Ranger and I’m not too afraid to admit it…..much.


I turn down the radio and pull over.

I was no longer motorin’.

Stupid Night Ranger.

Luckily I had just passed a store in the town of Eola, Tx.

It is a combination convenience gun liquor baby clothes and tool type place. A one stop shop for a one horse town.

After checking fluids in the truck I noticed my oil dip stick gasping for moisture…..that can’t be good.

I put oil in and started it up.


I called a wrecker service.

He arrived :45 minutes later.

His first question?

“Did your truck break down?”

I just stared at him with a curled up lip.

We drive into civilization and await my boss who has to drive 150 miles from another job to pick me up and scold me in my lack of vehicle maintenance skills.

Even better news I just paid the truck off last week. It is the first vehicle in my 43 years of existence that I have paid for on my own.

Now I get to pay for its repairs on my own.

Sometimes being a responsible adult sucks.

But it is still better than being the unresponsible goof I used to be.



19 thoughts on “Black Truck Down

  1. Seems like that’s the way it goes, we have paid off 2 vehicles in the past 2 years and it was like as soon as the check cleared something was falling off….i agree it sucks being an adult sometimes.

  2. The last time I called a tow truck for my truck he walked up and asked, “Are you the one with the flat tire?”

    No sir, I’m just sitting in a truck with a flat tire that has the same make and model as the one you are supposed to tow.

    Whatta coinkidink! 😉

  3. i *loved* “Sister Christian”! Not so much Night Ranger, but i LOVE “Sister Christian”. Just had to get that off my chest in case we need to start up a support group.

  4. Hi there…that really sucks. You wrote about it well. My car has been paid off for awhile, however, it just turned 100k miles last week…and there goes the bennies of the extended warranty…we will see what happens next. L.

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