Mine Drop


I got nothing to write or say. So I took a picture of my finger…….it’s not even my middle finger.

That would have required effort, and way too many signals from

Brain to arm

Arm to hand

Hand to specific finger

Finger to upward motion

I got tired just thinking all that, much less writing it.

Basically, I hand my hand on the phone and it was pointed in the general direction of my finger. I hit the camera button, then the shoot button.

And wha-la……

Blogging genius…..

Or shear laziness…..

It all depends on what side of the fence your on.

The green side


The greener side.

I’ll just sit on the fence. Making the decision between the 2 is making me dizzy.

Green is not even my favorite color. There are too many shades of it-

Pine green
Forest green
Light green
Dark green
Blue green

That’s 5 greens.

I couldn’t hit 5 greens in a row if I tried….but I don’t golf.

That takes patience. I have no patience.

Maybe I should be a patient.

I have conversations that go on in my head.

This one occurred while I was blogging about having nothing to blog about.

Most of the time it’s good2begone…..sometimes it gets a little crowded.

Either way,

Louie, Louie
We gotta go.


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