Poor Listening Skills

by good2begone

Him-“I used to have this mentor type guy…you know he showed how to do right things in so many steps and stuff. He was also a mentor type to my friend…who now owns a company. The company I work for.

That guy has not been our mentor guy for like 4 years or something….cuz we got another one….not the same one this time. He has one and I have another.

The first one is not our mentor anymore because he mentored all he knew how to mentor so we moved on. And he’s arrogant.

So now, our first mentor works for us. Now we are HIS mentor, but he doesn’t know it because he thinks he knows everything.

It’s really awkward to work with him. I hope he gets fired….know what I mean?”

Me-“I’m sorry…you lost me at ‘I used to have a mentos tip guard’….


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