12 Seconds of Terror, The Merry Go Round Scare, and the Embarrasing Conclusion

Returning to work after a 2 week holiday, should be a nice change of pace.

Off of the couch and into the real world.

We started a job in “the sticks” today. The remodeling of a old home that will become a retreat for hunters and such.

As I went about my work, which today was destruction, which sometimes has to occur before the reconstruction. when I heard a yell from my Boss.


I thought to myself, as I walked to see what he was clamoring about. ” He must be high…Buffalo? A deer maybe but a buff….What the Fu..?”

They weren’t sure what to do…..

I did. I turned on my trusty iCamera.

I give you the “12 Seconds of Terror”

He did not follow us into the building. Our obvious sheer manliness and ability to stand our ground must have startled him.

We next tried to get him out of the gate he came in from. I must of had the faint aroma of last night’s pork chops or this mornings bacon on me, because his oinker was coming for me.

I now give you “The Merry Go Round Scare”

Obviously, I did not fear the large portly creature. I was actually chasing him……he was quick…. so it LOOKED LIKE he was chasing me.

It is now time for this….

“The Embarrassing Conclusion”

At the end of the last clip, you might notice a blue pick up truck on the left side of the video.

As I fearlessly chased the beast toward the gate, I had to turn off the video to make sure my shorts were not soiled and to try to stop whimpering.

After the camera stopped rolling….the hogg headed for the front gate. The truck pulled up and stopped. The back door opened and a 9 to 10 year old girl climbs out of the cab. She gets in front of the large four legged creature, crosses her arms, and stands in its way. The hogg trots up to her and just passes right by her. As it did she uncrossed her arms and slapped it on the backside……and followed it back to their property.

5 grown men fearing for their lives while being stalked by a 500 lb. beast.

1 child laughing at us for being scared of her “pet”

This is why city boys have a hard time adjusting to the country life.

Stupid buffalo…


13 thoughts on “12 Seconds of Terror, The Merry Go Round Scare, and the Embarrasing Conclusion

  1. runningonsober says:

    I laughed so hard I cried! Feral buffalo! More like pot-bellied pet buffalo. πŸ™‚

    So is it more fun to tear down or build up?

    • It wasn’t funny while it was occuring. 😁
      I actually love them both. Destruction is a great stress reliever….construction makes dreams into reality. It’s a win win for me.

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